Orit Shimoni

When you hear someone sing one of the finest songs you’ve ever heard, sung with a voice that brings you smiles of awe along with tears of “I hear ya”, and then you talk to that singer and realise they are a humble, grateful and truly genuine human… THAT!

Orit is a true troubadour and until lockdown she’d spent 10 years on the road going gig to gig, sofa surfing and travelling light, stopping only to record & recoup, then back to travelling.

I am in love with words. They can contain love and they can change people. They can shape our understanding, and they can be our weapon, or our guard. They grant us with humour, and self-reflection. Words are what give breath meaning, and they are one of the only things we have that will survive past our corporeal demise. Our words and our voices. Let us use both with sincerity, wisdom, passion, and creativity, and by that I mean love.”

Orit Shimoni, formerly also known as Little Birdie, is “one of the nation’s most alluring vocalists,” {The Calgary Herald} and “one of the most lyrically impactful vocalists” {Beatroute Magazine}.   Previously a teacher and academic, Israeli/Canadian Orit (pronounced O’reet) became a full-time touring solo artist after releasing two, highly acclaimed albums in Montreal.    She moved to Berlin to write and record her third album, and after that decided to live out of a suitcase so she could pursue touring and recording with her entire focus.   She has been officially ‘on the road’ for nearly nine years, no fixed address.

With her recent release of  a ninth album, and the tenth on the way, Orit’s songs and performances draw diverse audiences into her profound and universal themes and her storytelling talent, with writing compared to that of Leonard Cohen, and a voice that has been compared to Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones, and KD Lang.  But Orit is a truly unique and prolific artist. In a sea of predictable writing and ‘pretty’ voices. She stands out as a special force with important relateable messages, and a disarming sense of humour.

Buying a CD from Orit is keeping her on the road, keeping the story going and literally paying for her next meal so get to it.

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