The Show

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Hello friends 🙂

On March 23rd 2020, with all my gigs cancelled and no one to play for except the Lovely Ashley (& Louie the cat!), I repaired to the loft and turned on my phone intending to play a few tunes and see if anyone on Facebook was interested. Over 2 hours, several beers and a bundle of requests later, the show was born.

It took us a while to figure out the format, the tech and the best way to keep you all entertained but I think we’re getting there.

It’s now approaching the end of 2020 and we have a wonderful loft full of regulars (& irregulars) every show as well as;
– Phone a friend
– The Quiz (with The Lovely Ash, prizes and a leaderboard)
– Featured artist
– Special guests
and we even did a Macmillan fundraiser in August getting over £1200 in donations.

The Show has become a virtual extension of our social lives, a window to the outside world and although it’s not a real gig, it’s real good fun!

If you haven’t joined us yet you are more than welcome to come and shout out requests, join in the banter and have a go at the quiz.

Bring a friend, we’ll save you both a seat 😉
Welcome to the Loft Family,
JD & Ash x