Our Friends

Here is where you can find some excellent live streams, great music and all sorts of wonderful things from our friends 🙂

Live Streams

The Hen House presents Acoustic Sessions – Tuesdays @ 7.30pm
The Hen house girls are just amazing, great musicians, eternal supporters of the live music scene and curators of great music.

Edwina Hayes – Saturday Night Live Request Hour – 8pm-9pm
Edwina is not only a folk legend but she’s also a supporter of this and many other live streams. She has one of the best voices in the business, her writing is divine and she plays great covers if you ask nicely.

Chloe Jones – Friday Night Stream – 8pm-9pm
Chloe Jones was one of our staple weekly streams through lockdown and now LOCKDOWN II – the sequel is here, She’s doing it all over again. One of the finest singer songwriters on the circuit has moved from the summer streams In the conservatory to singing you requests by the fireplace through the winter. We’ll meet you there 😉

Helen Walford – Sunday Session – 9pm-10pm
Helen is originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She is a wonderful singer songwriter, plays a mean guitar, sings beautifully and trained and worked as a welder whilst building up her musical career. You want some legit country and gospel tunes? look no further!

Emma Connor – Sessions Streams – Tues 8pm-9pm & Sunday 3pm-5pm
Emma is a wonderful singer songwriter and she’s been regular live streams for a while now on the SESSIONS platform which you can get to via the above link.

Front Row Manchester – Streams from the Whiskey Jar and more!
These guys were streaming before streaming was a thing. Super high quality streams and just as high quality artists! There are hours and hours of great music to watch on their channel so dive into the archives and like their page to get notified when they are next live!

Online Shops

EarthFreindlyRocker.co.uk – Low Waste Lifestyle shop
Our friend Lauren has created a thing of beauty with her Low waste shop where you can snag everything from amazing cleansers, moisturisers, makeup, baking goods, cleaning, gardening, stationary, face masks, dog poo bags & beard oil… safe in the knowledge that you’re not giving the planet a kicking!

Chalkboard Pete – Chalkboard style mail order sign artist
Friend of the show Martin Kennedy kindly had a portrait of yours truly commissioned by Pete and sent it to us as a gift (these are the kind of legends we have in the loft!). Pete will happily sort you out anything from a novelty plaque, caravan sign, Pub A-board or anything else you can imagine and for a lot less money thank you might think.


The Veterans Garage – City Airport, Eccles, Manchester
The Vet’s garage are an organisation that’s close to home and close to our hearts. Providing crucial services and support for veterans and frontline workers, the importance of their work cannot be understated. They’ve been plagued with bad luck, leaking roofs and storm damage but they will not give in and neither will we. You can support the Vets via their page or through their events like the Hen House Presents Acoustic Sessions.