Grab It And Bang

“Born under a Mcr star. Southern gothic energy, playing off the beaten track foot stompers for your home fried dixie delight!”

In this world there are doers & talkers… make no mistake, this a band of doers!

Uke fuelled driving tunes one minute and tear jerking, hair raising ballads the next, a GIAB gig is a thing to behold.

I’ve had the pleasure of jamming with the band, produce their first CD and more recently I’ve covered one of Tan & Dawns songs on my new album.

Tan & Dawn also run ‘The Hen House Presents’, promoting acoustic artists from across the planet and pointing them at groovy, attentive audiences at their regular shows.

During lockdown they have been busy streaming live shows and supporting not only musicians and tech crews alike but also doing their bit for a local Veterans charity, all the while writing new material.

These guys are the real deal!

You can find out everything you need to know about Grab it & Bang @:

& the Hen House Presents @: