Emilia Quinn

Emilia was our first featured artist on the show and boy, what a tough act to follow!

Emilia has been described as a firecracker, weaving together a combination of roots music tones, such as blues, rock and country, whilst bringing her own unique tone to the table.

Having grown up with a wide variety of music genres, she takes inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. She kicked her performance career off as a Singer-Songwriter at age 11 and swiftly joined a Rock band. After experimenting with various genres, Emilia found her feet in Roots music.

Emilia’s wide range influences and knowledge of multiple instruments allows her to write in a very personal and identifiable way. She draws inspiration from her life experiences and lives through her songs, in an effort to make a personal connection with her audience through raw emotion.

Her latest EP ‘Firecracker’ is available from her band camp page and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

You can find out everything you need to know about Emilia @: