Between the Vines

Kev & Rebecca Whitehead are the dynamic duo at the heart of Between The Vines.

Rebecca Whitehead

Lead singer/ Songwriter and Acoustic guitar
Rebecca Whitehead, Singer/Songwriter. Her debut album, Crazy love was released 2014 and was an eclectic mix of Hip hop/ R&B and Dance, encompassing the unique sound of Electronic and Accustic mix. Rebecca then started to learn to play the guitar and together with her husband Kev Whitehead created Between The Vines. Rebecca’s passion over the last 5 years has been for Country music, especially Country Rock.  The more she listened and learned, the more she wanted to create and be part of that genre. Throughout her career Rebecca has had the opportunity to work with world class artists such as; Lisa stansfield, Ian Devany, Kev Whitehead (drummer for Dare, Barcley James Harvest), Ste Boyce Buckley ( producer at Gracielands studio) and many more.

Kev Whitehead

Drummer and Percussionist
Kev’s earliest venture into professional playing was recording with a band called Blue Zone which featured a very young Lisa Stansfield. Since then he has recorded many albums with Lisa, including her two most recent ‘Seven’ and ‘Deeper’.
Over the years Kev has recorded and performed live with Pete Lockett, The Christians, The Animals, Proud Mary, Yazz and many more. 
Kev joined John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest in 1999, and Dare in 2008 and tours most parts of the world with these 2 bands. 
His most recent venture is a country rock band called Between The Vines alongside his wife Rebecca, and they have a new album out called ‘50 Ways To Beautiful’. 

During lockdown BTV have been doing live stream gigs from their Facebook page and even some streaming band gigs with the boys in the garden (before the weather got here!)

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